Maybe Newsweek should be NewsTweet?

Is anyone really surprised that Newsweek, a print magazine that rounds up the news for the week by Tuesday of the previous week, is not doing so well? I think all the editors, reporters and staffers should work from home on NewsTweet; having virtual editorial meetings in Second Life or Skype, then sending out freelance mojo journalists (hopefully some of my former students) to gather the content and push it out every 15 minutes on Twitter.

NewsTweet next?

I am being slightly facetious of course.

At the end of the week, it’s not so much news anymore. It’s something else– analysis, overview, value-added investigation, enterprise reporting that goes deeper. It’s opinion that is rooted in reporting, not the off-the cuff blog-by responses soaked in vitriol and intellectual paralysis. It has a place. And an audience.

Maybe it should be Notsonewsweek.

They call it news because it is timely and current. Not just recent. Journalism’s elasticity of timeliness has become so taut that news has grown to mean events happening in real time. Everything else is not so newsy. Relevant. Maybe interesting. So how about SortaNewsweek?

Once we sell a revamped Newsweek, we can go back and rethink Time. Or maybe just add a question mark?



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2 responses to “Maybe Newsweek should be NewsTweet?

  1. Dan Fletcher

    TIME already loves the question-mark headline. And totally agree — real-time is where it’s at right now. I’m launching our real-time news site at TIME next week…if only I could rip-off the NewsTweet name.

    Hope all’s well.

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